This recipe was developed to imitate the Pan Roast that is very popular at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino Oyster Bar.  It is also available at many of the Station Casinos in Las Vegas, a place in Reno, and at other oyster bars around the country.  This recipe was developed over months of trial and error, and after sampling several bowls.   A recent focus group agreed that this recipe tasted almost identical, to the real thing.

What is a Pan Roast?

Essentially it is a rich lobster bisque type of seafood chowder that was popularized by Cajun cuisine.  Most oyster bars serving it use special steam cookers to create it to order.  We first heard about it from friends who suggested we try it at the Palace Station on a trip to Vegas, and man was it good!  It's made with your choice of shrimp, crab, oysters, or lobster or a combination of the same.  We still go there every trip to Vegas, and we highly recommend you try it there too.  It is a great little oyster bar, and nothing beats the real thing in the exciting casino.

How Did This Recipe Come About?

If you go to one of the casinos or oyster bars, they will typically charge around $18.00 or so for the dish, and it is well worth it.  (I like to pair it with a dark beer, or a black and tan.)  We don't get to Vegas as often as we would like, so we asked the chefs if they would share the recipe.  Good luck!  I hear they have been offered a lot of money for the recipe, but it makes so much money for the casinos, they are under strict orders not to reveal the secrets.  And, I should stress that I have no proprietary information here, I just developed my own recipe over months of painstaking effort, and now it is available to you.

Order the "Secret Recipe" for Yourself!

Try this step by step recipe for yourself, and try the real thing.  See if you think it is as good.  Feel free to share the recipe with your family and friends.  All I ask is that you not post it on the internet, or sell it to others.  Share your comments.  Make sure to include your e-mail address or mailing address and I'll send it out right away. Enjoy!

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